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Meet Paul Morrison

Firm Founder Paul Morrison

Born in Dodge City, Kansas, Paul Morrison is legendary as a “gunfighter” in the courtroom. He served as the Attorney General of Kansas and was also a District Attorney for Johnson County, where he brought 100 cases to jury trial and prevailed in 98 of them. A large percentage of those trials were murder and violent crime cases, although Mr. Morrison has tried nearly every type of criminal case.

Some notable cases he has handled include:

  • State vs. John Robinson — A death penalty conviction involving one of the first Internet serial murderers.
  • State vs. Deborah Green — Successful prosecution of a physician who poisoned her husband and killed two of her children in a house fire.
  • State vs. Richard Grisson — The first successful conviction in Kansas history of a multiple body-less murder case.
  • State vs. John Maynard — Prosecuted killer and sociopath John Maynard who later escaped from the Lansing, Kansas, prison by brainwashing a prison dog trainer and volunteer.

Mr. Morrison has taught extensively on search and seizure, police interrogation, and other criminal justice subjects. He is a recognized authority on criminal sentencing, having served on the Kansas Sentencing Commission for 18 years. He has appeared many times on national television news shows addressing issues of justice and legality.

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