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The Experience You Need for Drug Charges

The consequences of a drug crime conviction are serious. Make sure your defense is equally serious. When you go into court to fight drug charges, you want an experienced, skilled attorney at your side. My experience with drug cases is extensive — I was the chief drug crimes prosecutor in Johnson County, Kansas, for nearly 10 years.

My experience in this area is very important.  Particularly with drug cases. Police procedures, used relating to the search, confiscation of evidence, etc. are highly technical and critically important.  I should know. I taught the police these procedures for several years. It’s important or you to have an expert in this area of the law to find technical problems or flaws in the prosecutions case. It can result in the evidence being thrown out of court.

My name is Paul Morrison.  I use my background and experience as criminal lawyers to defend people against drug charges. If you have been charged with a drug crime, please call MORRISON & DERSCH, LLC at (913) 780-6666 to schedule a free consultation at our Olathe office.

Types of Drug Crime Charges

We defend clients against a variety of drug charges, including:

  • Drug manufacturing: methamphetamines (meth), cocaine, heroin
  • Drug distribution: drug trafficking, drug sales and intent to distribute
  • Drug possession: narcotics, controlled substances and illegal drugs
  • Prescription drug abuse

Our Approach to Drug Crime Defense

Because I have prosecuted many drug cases, I know where the weak points in the state’s case may be. I understand prosecutor strategies and have a keen grasp of effective countermeasures, including examining the search and seizure methods, the manner in which you were informed of your rights, interrogation issues, and much more.

We also understand that many people charged with drug crimes are addicts in need of treatment. It may be a mitigating factor that, if true in your case, needs to be made clear to the judge and jury.

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