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Focused on Protecting Your Rights in Underage Drinking Cases

In Kansas, the police aggressively seek minors who are in possession of alcohol. Called the “party patrol,” police officers drive around looking for parties with underage drinkers in attendance and then arrest them for underage drinking. If the parents are home, they may also be charged with social hosting, which is a misdemeanor. Results of a conviction can affect a minor’s ability to get a job, and can include fines and the loss of a drivers’ license.

My name is Paul Morrison. As a former Johnson County District Attorney and State of Kansas Attorney General, I am extremely familiar with how the police operate and how the prosecution views underage drinking cases. I also know how to fight and win for my clients. Call MORRISON & DERSCH, LLC at (913) 780-6666 to schedule a free consultation.

We Can Get Juveniles the Help They Need

If you are a college student who has been arrested or you are a parent whose child has been arrested for underage drinking, you need a lawyer who understands how to overcome alcohol-related criminal or juvenile charges.

We handle juvenile cases that involve:

  • DUI and consumption of alcohol
  • Minor in consumption of alcohol
  • Juvenile delinquency

Finding Flaws in the Prosecution’s Case

A large part of a lawyer’s job is educating others about the true facts of the case, including any mitigating circumstances. This is especially true in situations involving questionable legal tactics like police knocking on private home doors seeking entry, as they so often do in the case of a minor in possession of alcohol.

We’ll help the prosecution understand that party patrol arrests may not be legitimate and that your rights may have been violated. When television news program 60 Minutes covered the morality and legality of the local police force’s party patrol, I was extensively interviewed.

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