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A Knowledgeable Lawyer Defending You Against DUI Charges

People accused of driving while under the influence of alcohol (DUI or DWI) often accept the consequences in hopes of getting the matter over with quickly. However, a first offense results in automatic drivers’ license loss, steep fines, potential jail time and a criminal record. If you are charged with a repeat offense, you face larger fines, mandatory jail time and loss of your license. A third-time DUI is a felony.

Kansas is one of the most unforgiving states in the nation when it comes to DUIs. I’m Paul Morrison. As a Johnson County District Attorney and Kansas Attorney General, I played a role in reviewing DUI sentencing guidelines and policy. I now use this knowledge on behalf of my clients. Call MORRISON & DERSCH, LLC at (913) 780-6666 to schedule a free consultation.

Diligent DUI Defense

The state pursues DUIs on two fronts: An administrative hearing to take away your drivers’ license, and a criminal case to convict you for DUI.

Losing your license can cause even bigger problems than the DUI conviction. Most people are unaware of the administrative procedures that lead to suspending a person’s right to drive as the result of a failed breathalyzer test or refusal. We specialize in making sure appropriate procedures were followed by the police. This is important because if the police make mistakes in this area, we can often times save your license. I can present a compelling reasonable argument to keep your drivers’ license, including your work and family needs, as well as everything related to your arrest:

  • Did the police have cause to stop you?
  • Were the field sobriety tests administered properly?
  • Did the police administer proper protocols for the blood alcohol test?
  • Was the testing equipment operating properly?

First-Time Offender’s Diversion Program

If it is not possible to dismiss the case, you may be eligible for a diversion program. After fulfillment of program obligations such as counseling, alcohol rehabilitation, fine payment and performing community service, your case will be dismissed.

The Look Back With DUIs

DUI convictions in Kansas involve looking back on your record as far back as July, 1, 2001. If you got a DUI ten years ago and then tomorrow you are charged with a second DUI, your first DUI will be taken into account during charging and sentencing of the second DUI.

You are presumed innocent in any repeat DUI charge. The prosecution must prove prior DUIs. Obtaining these records is often difficult and I will challenge them every step of the way.

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