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Will Fantasy Sports Be Considered Gambling In Kansas?

By now almost everyone has heard of fantasy football leagues, and most of us know someone who has bragged about their winnings. Fantasy football has begun to gain traction and be more of a mainstream form of gambling. Players pay a fee to join a league and choose their players from various teams based on stats and how well they anticipate them to play. As the games play live, members watch their players, gaining points for their good plays and losing points for their missteps. Just as someone might watch their horse run a track, they watch their players, and hope for a sweeping win.

Are Fantasy Sports Considered Gambling?

The State of Kansas passed — HB 2155 —  a bill that also deals with charitable gaming, bingo, raffles and the lottery, in addition to authorizing real-money fantasy sports. The House passed the 98-21 bill, with the state senate approving the bill by a vote of 37-1. The Kansas Attorney General’s Office referring to an April 24, 2015 opinion that, “Fantasy sports leagues are games of skill, and therefore, are not lotteries. A lottery is a specific form of gambling which is prohibited.”

Gambling License and Compliance

Kansas may be on board, but several other states are trying to change this opinion. Currently, fantasy sports are not considered “gambling” in the typical sense, there is a push in some states to require these sites to obtain a gambling license. Nevada in particular is pushing for fantasy football sites to comply with gambling requirements, as they can’t compete with the business and feel the leagues have an unfair advantage. Even though the gambling state of Nevada is insisting on having fantasy sports websites shut down, Kansans can continue to play. The FBI is reviewing complaints as well that employees of these sites are gaining an unfair advantage of insider information and using that information on rival sites and winning large amounts.

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