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Sedgwick County Judge Denies Bond Modification for Joseph Randle

A Sedgwick County District judge recently denied proposed changes to the bond for former Dallas Cowboys running back Joseph Randle. Attorneys for the disgraced former NFL player hoped the judge overseeing the case would modify the bail agreement to allow Randle placed in the custody of family instead of the NFL Players’ Association.

League officials were concerned about liability of transporting Randle in the event he were to be allowed out on bail and did not want to be party to any possible criminal proceedings stemming from the player’s inability to comply with his release. As it currently stands, if Randle is able to post a $45,000 bond he may be released and transported to an in-patient mental facility for pre-trial treatment.

Prosecutors worried about possible flight risk

Prosecutors assigned to the case opposed the proposed modifications, claiming Randle posed a flight risk and possibly a danger to the community. The District judge had already modified the terms of Randle’s bond, including decreasing the monetary component from $150,000 to the current $45,000 figure.

Randle’s troubles began in February when he was accused of backing his vehicle into a group of people following an argument at a housewarming party. Randle allegedly returned to the scene, forcing his way into the home. His string of charges includes:

  • Four counts of aggravated battery;
  • One count of criminal damage to property;
  • One count of criminal threat; and
  • Possession of marijuana.

Can courts modify bail in criminal cases?

Courts often have a wide degree of latitude in prescribing the amount of money needed to post bail as well as other conditions for release. Often times, judges may ask for recommendations from prosecutors and even take into account the situation of the defendant.

When bond conditions are set, judges may even modify these conditions at the behest of the defendant’s attorney. However, these modifications are not always granted and having an experienced Kansas criminal defense attorney with experience in negotiating these deals can make a world of difference in these situations.

Kansas criminal defense attorneys

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