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Kansas City Man Guilty In Fatal Shooting Of Olathe Rapper

A Johnson County jury recently found a Kansas City man guilty of first-degree murder and assault for the shooting death of an aspiring Olathe rapper outside an Overland Park bar over an altercation in the parking lot. While the defendant, in this case, did not pull the trigger himself, prosecutors nonetheless held him responsible for commanding the shooter, his brother, to do so.

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It took jurors just two hours to agree with prosecutors on the defendant’s culpability in the homicide, finding him guilty on both counts. The actual shooter faces his own trial for first-degree murder, which carries a prison term of 50 years to life. A trial date, in that case, has not been set as of yet.

Authorities caught the altercation on surveillance video, which just so happened to be setup to monitor a suspected drug dealing ring at the bar where the incident took place. Ironically, the two individuals on trial for the victim’s murder were also suspects in the drug dealing ring, according to sources.

Prosecutors told the jury the defendant could be seen pointing to identify the victim’s car as he attempted to leave the scene. The tape was among the key pieces of evidence used to convict the defendant on the grounds he ordered the killing.

Defense attorneys argued the video did not, in fact, show the defendant instructing his brother to fire on the car. Furthermore, in statements to reporters after the trial they expressed disappointment at the court striking down their strategy to argue the killing was one of self-defense after the victim made threatening statements towards the defendant.

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