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When you face serious criminal charges threatening your freedom, what you need most from a lawyer is aggressive representation and favorable results. You need a lawyer who can help you resume your life as quickly as possible. My law practice is dedicated to obtaining favorable results for my clients at trial and in settlement negotiations.

Innocent people are sometimes charged with serious crimes. People who have made mistakes may be overcharged with felonies rather than misdemeanors that are more appropriate. You need a lawyer with a thorough understanding of sentencing guidelines and the affect they can have on your life. I helped develop the sentencing guidelines for the state of Kansas. I know how technical the law is, and how to present mitigating circumstances to advance your case.

About Paul Morrison

My name is Paul Morrison. I spent 18 years as the District Attorney for Johnson County, earning a reputation as an aggressive advocate with a history of prevailing in court. I know how the criminal justice system operates, how to expose weaknesses in the opposition's case and how to emphasize the strengths of your case in all of the areas of law that I practice.

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In addition to criminal defense, I also provide representation for personal injury cases and divorce and family law matters. My skill as a litigator and negotiator makes me an effective attorney in these areas of law.

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